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Agrozin, fertilizer for processing of the farmland
  • Agrozin, fertilizer for processing of the farmland

Agrozin, fertilizer for processing of the farmland

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Qualitative biological products, complex fertilizers, oksizin - sewage treatment, organic fertilizers, an organik, fertilizer for processing of farmlands.

Use of biological products in fight against a drought


promotes increase in water absorption of the soil;
increases productivity and improves its uniformity, increases production lyozhkost;
improves the water mode;
increases activity of microorganisms and improves aeration of the soil;
strengthens growth of root system;
helps neutralization of the soil;
increases resistance of plants to a drought;
structures the soil.

Positive effects:

At practical use of Agrozin including in hothouse conditions, it is established that the sites processed by it are completely freed from such wreckers as root nematodes, and also snails and slugs, increasing activity of microorganisms, allows to accelerate process of "pereprevaniye" of organic fertilizers repeatedly. Favorably influences reproduction of earthworms.

processing of farmlands with grain, vegetable, garden crops and vineyards for improvement of structure of the soil and its water-oxygen balance, and also, activization of aerobic microorganisms that increases productivity of cultures;
processing of the sites which are not subjected to machining - haying meadows, pastures, park lawns, football fields, etc.;
processing of the heavy and acidified soils for improvement of their structure and the pH level.
Medicine has high penetration, it gets into the smallest capillaries of the soil in this connection, moisture in the soil remains even during the droughty periods. Active oxygen it breaks a chain of molecules of the organic chemistry which is contained in the soil. From this point it begins to strengthen the processes happening in symbiosis (commonwealth) of microorganisms and root system of plants. And this symbiosis is one of the main driving forces in development of life on Earth!

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 13.11.2019
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