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Sewage treatment Oksizin
  • Sewage treatment Oksizin

Sewage treatment Oksizin

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

for cleaning: capacities, processing equipment of the overworking and food industry, reservoirs, sewage, the soil from organic pollutants, oil and oil products; deactivations of the equipment of the NPP; processings of medical waste; washing of places of public use and railway transport; as means for elimination of spots of gasoline, diesel fuel and oils at gas station.
improvement of a sanitary and hygienic condition of storages of municipal solid waste (the smell disappears, helminths are destroyed, processing process accelerates, processing depth increases);
improvement of a sanitary and hygienic state (the smell vanishes) in production shops of meat-processing plants, milk plants, food and flavoring factories. Rats and insects disappear since the smell which allures them disappears
environmentally friendly solvent organikis the medicine help, perhaps to bring depth of processing of organic chemistry almost to a humus. Under summer July temperature conditions in three weeks, instead of 2-3 years at natural destruction, manure after processing will be suitable as fertilizer with the high content of humus weight as a part of which seeds of plants (weeds) either are processed or lost an opportunity to germination. Processing depth under the influence of Oksizin and the volume of the processed manure will be less than at natural destruction. It means that the amount of the organic chemistry which is taken out in the field will decrease. For the farmer - it is direct economy on fuel. The same concerns also the remains of plants after harvesting. They have to return to the soil on which the crop is reaped. The remains of plants on fields have to be mulched, processed by Oksizin, and are covered with the top layer of mail by means of a disk harrow that will protect cure for undesirable influence of direct sunshine and drying. On garden and garden sites all agrestal plants and the remains of plants have to be kompostirovana with layer-by-layer processing medicine and powder a small amount of the soil from the site. Overtime of compost to the state suitable for entering into the soil, makes 3 weeks at summer temperature condition. The processed compost is brought on the garden site, i.e. comes back to that soil from where it occurred!

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 13.11.2019
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